A lot of trends from 2016 will be maintained in 2017. That means, you haven´t sort out your complete wardrobe for the new fashion trends in Spring/Summer this year. And for me it’s really good, because I love so much stuff from 2016, that it would be too hard to throw it away for ever.

The Rock´n Roll Pieces:

Yes, the provocative clothing style will stay this year. Destroyed jeans, band t-shirts (please just wear them if you know the band, otherwise it’s just embarrassing), leather jackets with lambskin or chelseaboots conquer also the fashion scene this year. Also the typical bomber jacket belongs to the mainstream this year. You can wear them with just a crop top and jeans or you combine it with a elegant look. I decide to wear a big statement bag for a rock look, to give my look a personal statement.

“Please stay remain faithful to your own style”!

The natural Hippie-Style:

You shouldn’t throw away your boho wardrobe. But the style get’s a new interpretation – the natural hippie look. It doesn’t correspond to the 90s, but more the 68s. It doesn’t matter if Patchwork Tops, -jackets or pants, the pieces composed of different prints and patterns conquer the runways for 2017.


Not only wide trousers in the hippie-flair stay in spring/summer, but also classics like blazers, trenchcoats or suction cups get a new oversize look. Designers value to emphasize the waist with a high-waist belt or a high waistband.

The different in looks:

On the one hand, the masculine style for women also stays in 2017. So are androgynous details like shoulder pads or shapeless long coats the parade example for this.

On the other hand, the minimalism is replaced by tulle, flounces or frills. Designers like Christian Dior, Michael Kors or Chloé overwhelmed us with such looks.

Shopping Tip for Spring/Summer this year:

Look out for garb or uniform details and geometric prints like in the 60s. These are the favorites this year not only by designers and with such an look you are really a fashion trendsetter.


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